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Join our webinar to uncover CRO vs. sponsor responsibilities


Outsourcing TMF Management is a huge trend in today's clinical world. Knowing which responsibilities lie in which hands is of the utmost importance. When done properly, harmonization between a CRO and sponsor can maximize investment and accelerate time to market benefiting both the organizations involved, as well as the patient. 


In our webinar, we explore how dividing responsibilities between CRO and sponsor in an outsourcing model can be leveraged to improve the quality of your trials. We start by diving in to the world of outsourcing and what roles different organizations can play, and then explore some of the ways technology can enable outsourced TMF management to operate smoothly.  


Finally, we dive deeper into some of the tools Montrium has developed that give both parties the advantage and the capability of working together while maintaining the oversight and control they want.  


The webinar covers the following topics: 


·         Current state of the sponsor's responsibilities 

·         Why have we begun to move to an outsourcing model? 

·         What are some of the challenges this model presents? 

·         What responsibilities lie with the sponsor and with the CRO 

·         How to best reap the benefits from an outsourcing model 

·         How can leveraging technology makes this switch easier 

·         Introduction to Montrium's eTMF 

·         Plus much more... 

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