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We are moving towards a digital age of automation in clinical trials where electronic management of content and data to document activities and decisions is the industry-wide norm. 

This means that the concept of TMF is also evolving and is no longer just a document repository, but rather a collection of systems holding content and data. As a result, there is a strong business case from moving away from just archiving documents to actively managing TMF content and information using techniques and practices borrowed from clinical data management.  

In this webinar, we will look at how you can use queries, data review and process-based approaches to ensure that your TMF tells an accurate and complete story of what occurred in your study. We will also discuss the greater scope of TMF relevant information and systems and how you can best integrate these sources into a more holistic environment to greatly facilitate inspections and clinical trial oversight.  

We’ll cover the following in the webinar: 

  • Where we are today with data reporting 
  • How we can learn from data in clinical trial management 
  • Resources to ensure accurate TMF management 
  • The benefits of a data-driven approach 
  • Tools for clinical teams to leverage   

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