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Join us for the beginning of another content-packed web series

In our upcoming webinar, we will be exploring the TMF fundamentals and an introduction into better managing your TMF. We'll start by diving into the world of TMF management, how to properly leverage the regulations, which documents constitute as TMF-worthy and what basic metrics you can track to increase the efficiency of your trial.

Finally, we will also dive into some of the features Montrium has developed to facilitate the management of the Trial Master File in a fundamental way.

 The webinar will cover the following topics: 

  • Fundamentals of TMF management process
  • How to use the regulations to ensure success
  • What cross functional groups hold TMF worthy documents
  • TMF management challenges and how you can alleviate them
  • Base metrics to track and what they mean to your organization
  • How an eTMF helps TMF Management
  • Plus much more!

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