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In the life sciences, most of the documents we create end up as records. Now, as we move towards a paperless era in today’s GxP environment and leverage digital content management technology, we are also starting to change the way that we author, collaborate, manage, exchange, and archive our documents.  
The very nature of document management is transforming as more and more data becomes part of the document management landscape. In this webinar, we explore how technology is transforming our GxP records management environments and what the future may hold for automating processes.

During this webinar, you'll learn:

  • The history of document/record management innovation 
  • How digital collaboration is connecting study stakeholders 
  • The benefits of intelligent documents for the life sciences 
  • How standards can allow us to automate information exchange 
  • How artificial intelligence can automate quality control 
  • And much more... 


Your Host:







Paul Fenton
President & CEO - Montrium

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