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Learn how to successfully develop a strategy for TMF success with eTMF

Join us for another informative webinar as we dig deep into the eTMF conundrum and the strategies for TMF success.

Due to the sheer volume of documentation and information shared over the course of a clinical trial, collecting and managing TMF content promptly while maintaining quality can represent a significant burden for sponsors and CROs.

Luckily, specialist electronic document management tools (EDMS) have emerged to facilitate this exchange, and eTMF systems are rising in popularity with every passing year. However, while eTMF systems do bring a number of benefits to sponsors and CROs as they conduct clinical trials, there is still a significant amount of strategic thinking required to put an eTMF system in place.

In our webinar we explore the eTMF conundrum that life sciences organizations often find themselves in as they move to electronic systems, and dig deeper into some of the strategies for TMF success.

This webinar focuses on:

  • Evolving expectations of regulators
  • TMF planning to ensure timeliness
  • Strategies for centralizing TMF content
  • The 5 Ws of TMF Planning
  • Challenges of calculating TMF completeness
  • Features that your eTMF needs to facilitate inspections
  • And much more...

Your Presenter:


Paul Fenton

President & CEO - Montrium

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Solving the eTMF Conundrum:

Strategies for TMF Success