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Building a Business Case for an eTMF is the first step to getting internal buy-inPlanning this process and doing the required research is key when presenting your case internally, and will ultimately lead to a successful implementation.  

In our upcoming webinar, we will be exploring the ways you can get internal buy-in and how to build out your business case. We will start by breaking down an eTMF business case and going through the sections you’ll need to include to have a successful meeting internally. 

The webinar will cover the following topics: 

  • Where is the industry today in relation to adopting eTMF? 
  • Why is building a Business Case an important part of the process? 
  • What to include in your Business Case 
  • How to build a budget for an eTMF System 
  • How to handle internal objections 
  • Benefits of Implementing an eTMF including your ROI 
  • Introduction to Montrium’s eTMF 
  • And much more… 

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