Thinking of moving your regulated applications to the cloud? 

Join us for another educational webinar where we discuss the steps you need to take to move your GxP apps to the cloud



In today’s modern and connected world, we leverage cloud technology on a daily basis. Whether it’s syncing our email, interacting on social networks or storing our photos, the cloud plays an increasingly big role in the way we manage our lives.

While it’s relatively simple to use cloud technology on a personal level, the pharmaceutical industry has found transitioning to cloud in a regulated environment much more challenging, despite the clear benefits. However, with cloud providers such as Microsoft Azure now offering competitive pricing and inherent scalability, cloud is an even bigger part of boardroom discussions. Additionally, the cloud changes the way we need to think about the deployment, qualification and management of computerized systems and underlying infrastructure in the cloud

In this webinar we take you through the crucial steps that are required when implementing your own GxP application in the Microsoft Azure cloud. We discussed the common challenges at each step of the process and sharing our thoughts on what makes implementing cloud-based applications unique. In addition, we provided all attendees with a detailed look at the qualification deliverables required to qualify Microsoft Azure cloud infrastructure.

The webinar covers the following topics:

  • Identification of needs and selection of a suitable cloud deployment model
  • Cloud vendor assessment / due diligence
  • Establishment of necessary governance documentation including, procedural controls, SLAs, quality agreements and system governance policies
  • System architecture planning
  • Build-out / Installation / Configuration the cloud based GxP application
  • Qualification and Validation of the application
  • Data migration
  • On-going system management and governance

This webinar is targeted towards both technical and non-technical participants from the Life Sciences.

Our Presenter:

Chrysa Plagiannos-1


Chrysa Plagiannos

Senior Validation & Compliance Analyst