The New Trend in TMF Management That Sponsors Swear By.

As a sponsor, bringing your TMF in-house can provide significant long-term benefits – including better oversight, more control, more accountability, and continual inspection readiness. It isn’t always the easiest change to make, especially if you have been using an outsourcing model for a long period of time or if your internal teams are small and have little TMF management experience.

But managing your TMF in-house doesn’t need to cripple your organization. Sponsor teams now have many more options to ease the transition. In our webinar, we discuss how an in-house eTMF can help you speed up your time to market by reducing tedious back-and-forth communication and freeing up more time to focus on research.

Available On-Demand

The webinar covers:

  • The Clinical Trial Landscape​
  • The Evolution of the TMF​
  • How does outsourcing impact TMF management?​
  • Why are sponsors bringing TMF Management in-house?​
  • Implementing an eTMF for better sponsor oversight​
  • What you need to manage your eTMF internally

Your hosts:

Katherine Cianciarelli Montrium

Katherine Cianciarelli, Product Owner at Montrium


Oliver Pearce, Director of Commercialization at Montrium

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