Are you looking to manage regulated content using SharePoint?

In this session we explore how Microsoft SharePoint can be configured to manage regulated content in the life sciences.



You may download the slides here: [DOWNLOAD A COPY OF THE SLIDES]

Many companies have implemented the SharePoint platform over the last few years, and often these deployments have been for non-regulated content. As companies now look towards using SharePoint for regulated content, there is a need to understand how to properly deploy, configure, qualify and manage SharePoint in a compliant manner.

This webinar focuses on how we can use SharePoint to manage regulated content while also ensuring that we meet the regulatory requirements, as well as:

  • What is regulated content?
  • Regulatory Requirements
  • How SharePoint can be configured to meet requirements
  • SharePoint governance and qualification
  • Deployment Options
  • Advantages of SharePoint for regulated content
  • Montrium’s approach to providing solutions for regulated content