Software Vendor Selection Checklist for Life Sciences

A Structured Approach to Software Vendor Selection. Download our FREE Checklist today!

Making the decision to select new software for implementation in your organization shouldn’t be done lightly. While it’s easy to get excited about the potential outcome new software could bring, selecting software systems without the proper planning, and a defined process for evaluating and selecting a system, can lead to oversights and bad investments.checklist

We've put together a helpful checklist that covers the key areas of software vendor selection, in an effort to help our customers make the right decision and select the right vendor. The checklist covers the following areas:

New-MoleculeDefining your requirements

New-MoleculeSearching for the right vendors

New-MoleculeConducting vendor demonstrations

New-MoleculeRequesting proposals & quotes

New-MoleculeSelecting the winning vendor