Are you looking to use SharePoint for Regulated Applications?

Download our fact sheet to understand how our series of proven documents and test scripts can allow you to quickly and cost effectively qualify your baseline SharePoint.

Developing these governance and validation documents on your own could take as long as five months. Implementing the SharePoint Governance Plan & Validation Pack saves time and money by allowing you to allocate your limited resources toward other mission critical activities.

The documents have been developed to enable you to adopt and execute them on your own, however if you
don’t have the internal resources, Montrium’s team of validation experts can help

What will Montrium’s SharePoint Validation Pack do for you?

  • Provides step-by-step instructions for configuring a compliant Record Center
  • Validates “out-of-the-box” SharePoint functionality related to electronic records management
  • Defines the SOPs required to maintain the validated state
  • Preserves traceability between requirements, specifications and test scripts
  • Configuration checklists help document system parameters
  • All documents are based on the GAMP5 industry standard
  • Proven documents minimize costly deviations
  • Risk based approach focuses on validating only high risk system functionality, minimizing validation effort
  • Easy to adapt to your existing validation procedures and IT environment