Trying to understand the level of configuration management you need?

Download this presentation which looks at how to define a SharePoint configuration management plan for Life Science organizations...

SharePoint is one of the most powerful content management platforms on the market, but like anything powerful can grow and evolve at a rapid and almost uncontrollable pace. This level of growth can sometimes overwhelm administrators and the environment can sometimes be a maze of data with no real understanding of what you have.

To combat the threat of uncontrolled SharePoint environments, devising and implementing a configuration management plan that is suited to your SharePoint scenario can solve a lot of your problems. In this presentation we take a look at the possible techniques for configuration management in SharePoint.

Slidedeck contains:

  • SharePoint within the GxP context
  • Regulatory Requirements
  • Industry Standards
  • Corporate Standards
  • What is Configuration Management?
  • Implementation of formal system specific configuration control procedures
  • Configuration deployment and version control techniques
  • Integration with the validation and change control process
  • Importance of leveraging a risk based approach to QC
  • Using SharePoint to manage configuration control