Move to the Microsoft Cloud compliantly, and with confidence...

We've developed a standard set of qualification templates, enabling you to move regulated applications to the cloud compliantly.

This pack focuses on ensuring that the Azure Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is configured properly and is qualified in accordance with applicable regulations and the clients Standard Operating Procedure(s) (SOPs).

Our qualification pack provides you with the framework to clearly document and test that your Azure IaaS is configured and controlled in a manner that can support regulated content.

All documents are based on GAMP5 standards. The document pack is based on the Microsoft Azure Qualification Guideline (download) and is composed of the following documents:

round-done-button.png  Risk Assessment
round-done-button.png Qualification Plan
round-done-button.png Requirements Specification
round-done-button.png System Description
round-done-button.png Configuration Specification
round-done-button.png IQ Protocols
round-done-button.png OQ Protocols
round-done-button.png Traceability Matrix
round-done-button.png Qualification Summary Report