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Join us to learn how to implement the  eTMF Exchange Mechanism Standard

Transferring documents and data from one eTMF to another was always a challenging task. Mapping documents to the TMF reference model, making sure the documents are exported in the proper format and ensuring that both systems had migration functionality made this process very complicated. This brought on a new standard for the transfer of documents - the eTMF Exchange Mechanism Standard.

  In our upcoming webinar, we will be covering the technical perspective of the Exchange Mechanism Standard. We will start by going over a recap of what this standard is and how it can help your current systems and processes.

The Webinar will cover the following topics:

  •  What is the eTMF EMS?
  •  How the standard works and how it could be used
  • How sponsors, CROs and vendors could implement the standard into their eTMF
  • Insights into the practicalities of implementing the standard technically

 Your Hosts_Exchange Mechanism Standard_v3

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