Are you looking to become less reactive in Quality Management within your organization?

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In today’s changing GxP environment, there is more and more emphasis put on proactive and risk-based quality management. Having clear traceability and being able to effectively trend and report on quality events and metrics are core to achieving this.

With traditional paper-based quality systems, we are often forced to be reactive rather than proactive towards quality issues and events due to a lack of insight into our quality data.

This session focus on the implementation of a proactive quality system which leverages collaborative, process-driven technology and intuitive business intelligence tools to provide a rich environment in which to better manage the components of the quality system, while  improving our ability to predict potential quality events before they become quality issues.

  • The changing GxP quality management environment
  • What the regulations say
  • What is proactive quality management
  • Components of a collaborative quality system
  • Using collaborative technology to drive the quality management process
  • Structuring quality data into a valuable data repository
  • Leveraging business intelligence tools to provide quality insight and knowledge
  • Real life examples from Montrium’s quality management solution