With Microsoft 365, you will be able to avoid the costs, and headaches, that come with maintaining internal IT infrastructure while utilizing software that allows your organization to streamline content management and operate per applicable regulations.

Beyond your go-live, how you take advantage of the built-in controls and processes of Microsoft 365 and its content management application, SharePoint Online, for GxP use should be continually reflected in your validation strategy. Given the evolving nature of Microsoft 365, continuous validation (CVaaS) is also crucial to keep up with changes and mitigate them.

We know that planning for the validation of Microsoft 365 and SharePoint Online can be overwhelming, that's why this eBook was created to help you carry out a successful validation project and implement your CVaaS strategy.

Included in the eBook:

  • Microsoft 365 Validation Overview and Best Practices
  • How to Prepare for Microsoft 365 Validation
  • How to Avoid Electronic Data Integrity Issues: 7 Techniques for Your Validation Project
  • Validating Your Microsoft 365 System for GxP Processes
  • Implementing a Risk-based approach to Microsoft 365 and SharePoint Online Validation
  • How to Write an Auditor-Friendly Validation Summary Report
  • Continuous Validation of Microsoft 365 Cloud Services and Maintaining a Validated State

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