The eTMF Platform built for scaling Sponsor & CRO teams

Startup more studies, faster than ever. Get the eTMF that's simple to setup and easy to use, with a built-in workflow engine that increases compliance and puts smiles on peoples faces.


Learn how your team can:

- Increase visibility into TMF health

- Centralize document collaboration

- Improve compliance & inspection readiness 

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Get real-time study intelligence

Get a better handle on the key pillars of your TMF metrics program by tracking completeness, timeliness and quality in real-time. 

Gone are the days of antiquated and manual excel trackers, now you can get the intelligence and insight you need to make better decisions.

Study Intelligence

Keep your finger on the pulse of TMF Health

Not having access to accurate, real-time TMF metrics throughout a clinical trial is like driving at night with the headlights off.

Upgrade your TMF management practices with deeper real-time TMF health monitoring.

An easier more cost effective way for scaling organizations to bring eTMF in house

We help you improve inspection readiness and TMF management + a whole lot more...


Automate document indexing and filing

Kiss goodbye to days dedicated to TMF filing. Put your document reconciliation on auto-pilot and focus on the activities that really have an impact. 

Drag and drop documents to your TMF in bulk and automate the filing process in a few quick clicks. You can even instruct sites to email documents to the system that you need, and let the eTMF do the heavy lifting for you.

Batch indexing

And here's how it all works


Real-time document authoring & collaboration


Configurable review & approval workflows


Study structures & intelligent placeholders

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Next-generation reporting & dashboards


Batch-indexing & auto-filing of documentation


Study inbox for batch emailing of content


Iron-tight compliance built-in from the ground up

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Dedicated inspector view and access


See why our customers love us

“We have been extremely pleased with the guidance that we are being provided. We understood that it would be very important for us to find a platform that could grow with us as we progressed into Phase III.”

“The system is great, I wouldn’t change it for the world. As for the support, it’s one of the best teams that I’ve ever worked with.”

“I have already recommended Montrium to others working in clinical research. This is in large part due to their outstanding support throughout our implementation of the product and demonstrated knowledge of both the clinical and regulatory environments.”


Need more information?

How long does it take to implement?

We've developed a tried and tested methodology with over 250 different technical implementation projects. With streamlined validation and comprehensive implementation deliverables, you can implement in as little as 30 days.

How much does eTMF Connect cost?

Montrium's eTMF platform has been designed specifically for scaling organizations with under 500 employees. Our cost effective pricing model and quick implementation timeline allows you to implement an enterprise-grade eTMF without the enterprise price tag or complexity

Is the system pre-validated?

Yes. Montrium performs a series of comprehensive testing, validation and qualification activities to reduce the validation burden on your team. You'll receive a complete validation and SOP template package to accelerate go-live.

What happens after I request a demo?

Once you've completed the form above you'll be directed to book an introduction call with a member of our team immediately. This initial intro call will allow us to better understand your need before jumping into a demonstration.