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For validation veterans exploring the idea of moving their GxP operations to the cloud, the thought of dealing with a system that is constantly being updated can be nerve-racking. Some would even claim that ever-changing cloud-based systems could never be maintained in a validated state.   

With Microsoft Office 365 gaining considerable momentum in the life sciences, we explore the application of continuous validation principles to the Office 365 offering and present how the validated state can be maintained, even as your environment is automatically updated. 

In our webinar, we break down traditional GxP validation thinking and present the concept of continuous validation for cloud applications. You'll sign off with a clearer idea of how to ensure the Office 365 system operates consistently to meet regulatory requirements. 

The webinar covers the following topics: 

  • Why and when you need to validate a cloud-based system
  • Regulations, certifications and standards you should be familiar with
  • Leveraging GAMP 5 to identify and quantify risks of a cloud solution
  • The concepts of continuous validation & continuous-validation-as-a-service (CVaaS) applied to a public cloud offering
  • Office 365 tools and documentation at your disposal to support continuous validation
  • Managing GxP Records in SharePoint Online
  • Key challenges tied with implementing continuous validation
  • Other considerations and recommendations

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