Do you know what to look for in a life science cloud vendor?

Perform an objective evaluation of cloud vendors with this free assessment checklist

Cloud computing offers significant benefits to life sciences organizations both large and small – notably the cloud allows them to have their applications developed, tested and put into production faster, improves manageability, facilitates access and reduces the system validation and maintenance overhead. However, cloud services are becoming increasingly complex to understand and select. Features, functionalities and vendor promises often differ from cloud to cloud, however, the strict regulatory requirements do not change when opting for a cloud-based solution.

This checklist provides you with some key questions you should be asking vendors during your vendor assessment phase, and can be used as a starting point for performing an objective evaluation of different vendors.

This assessment checklist includes the following sections:

  1. Data Security & Risk Management
  2. Compliance
  3. Customer Services & Support
  4. Accessibility and Availability
  5. Pricing & Fees
  6. Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity
  7. Due Diligence