Building a Risk-based TMF Management Framework

Discover our proprietary model for risk-based TMF management

In this first-of-its-kind white paper, Montrium's experts detail their new methodology for risk-based TMF management. It goes beyond simply explaining the theory behind risk-based approaches to providing worked examples that illustrate how you can implement this model within your own organization.

The Building a Risk-based TMF Management Framework white paper covers:

  • The background behind risk-based approaches
  • Setting the foundations for an RBA
  • Establishing and assessing risk
  • Risk scoring
  • Risk-based QC
  • Leveraging risk in TMF oversight
  • ... and much more!

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We hope that the information provided in this white paper will help you set the foundations for implementing a risk-based approach within your own organization. But, if shifting your entire TMF management model feels a bit daunting, our experts are always just a call (or email) away! Scroll down to learn how to contact us.

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