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Moving your existing environment to manage regulated content in a new Office 365 environment requires a rigorous amount of attention to detail, and any overlook can lead to more significant problems down the road. Whether you’re coming from working within legacy applications or pre-existing infrastructure, you must take the right precautions. 

When deploying GxP processes in Office 365, you will need to leverage a deployment approach that can address both technical considerations while accounting for the distinctions in your organizational culture and specific user requirements.  

Not only will our webinar take you through our recommended approach to build and deploy a GxP process, but we’ll also cover how using PowerShell and Microsoft Power Automate (previously Microsoft Flow) can help your organization become more efficient by automating repetitive tasks in Office 365.  

The webinar covers the following topics: 

  • Key capabilities of Microsoft Power Automate
  • How to get started with Microsoft Power Automate and SharePoint Online  
  • Benefits of automating GxP processes in SharePoint Online 
  • Using PowerShell and Microsoft Power Automate to automate manual processes in Office 365 


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