Our technological environment is changing, and more and more we conduct our daily lives in the cloud...

All of our information is now stored in this nebulous place and is available all the time and anywhere on multiple devices. This has had a profound impact on how we communicate and collaborate and is also having an impact on how we perceive and wish to consume technology within the pharmaceutical industry.

However, our industry has been traditionally slow to adopt new technology given the highly regulated nature of our activities. We are now seeing a movement towards cloud based solutions and defining a qualified cloud strategy should really be your first step.

This webinar discusses how companies are moving towards cloud based environments and how they can implement a strategy which will allow them to meet regulatory requirements while gaining the full benefits that cloud can bring. We cover the following subjects:


 What is cloud computing and how is it being used in Pharma


 What are the regulatory barriers and how can these be overcome


 GAMP special interest group on Cloud computing for GxP applications


 Individual SaaS solutions or one centralized cloud environment?


 Migration strategy for legacy on premise applications


 Cloud qualification and management